Event Description

We are announcing the sale date for the seedpods of our upcoming NFT collection in Polygon. Lunians is a generative pixelart collection of 909 unique NFTs with a hatching mechanism to obtain a random creature with its own rarities. It uses oracle services to guarantee randomness and will feature frozen metadata too. There are two type of seedpods: * Lunian Seedpods (859) – common seedpods with standard chances for rarities. * Nebula Seedpods (50) – very rare seedpods with enhanced chances for rarities… and who knows what other perks! You are still on time to get in the whitelist for a nebula seedpod! The sale of the seedpods will be carried out in OpenSea and other major marketplaces that support Polygon. Visit our twitter and webpage to get more info: https://www.mycutepixel-nft.com/Lunians

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