Event Description

Jerry The Man

– 3333 Unique Jerries

Each Jerry is a collectible life time pass to our exclusive events and community of entrepreneurs, Web3 developers, crypto enthusiasts and artists.

– Minecraft Server

A private Minecraft server will be hosted for holders of our community!

– Charity

One of the goals of Malina D.A.O. is to do massive charity work with our projects and support good causes such as humanitarian & educational aid to people in need and protection of endangered species. A specific cause / organization has not been announced since no marketing campaign should benefit from a real time crysis. At least 10% of each NFT sale will be donated to an organization chosen by the community.

– The Founders Crew

The Founders Crew will get top benefits and utility from our current and future projects. All Jerry holders will be able to claim a FREE MINT of our next project! As well as receive random giveaways, crypto prizes and other goodies. You can sell your Jerry on secondary market or hold to enjoy unique benefits and contribute towards making our world a little bit better.

Discord: https://discord.gg/ckcCAG6Jxr

The Official Website: https://jerrytheman.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JerryTheMaaan

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