Event Description

Infinite Realities is an NFT collection created by digital artist Maximilian Petry, from Augsburg in Germany.

We all had big dreams in our childhood. At some point we were told to give up on these unrealistic dreams.

Infinite Realities invites you to see the beauty of our universe and to make your dreams reality.

Infinite Realities is an exclusive limited collection of 30 unique 1/1 editions. None will ever be minted again.

Each NFT comes with unlockable content.

– First 15 NFT are listed since 10.08.2022
– In each of the following three weeks, 5 more NFT will be listed

Infinite Realities is an original collection.

NFT: opensea.io/collection/infiniterealities

Website: mapedesign.space/nft/infinite-realities-collection
Instagram: airtworkofdreams
Twitter: theinfinitenft

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