Event Description

Illuminated Ones are 10,000 enlightened NFTs ready to take over the Ethereum Blockchain… And then the world! The ownership of one grants you access to the Ones Secretum Societatis members only lodge meets, where we will discuss in great detail any news regarding our illustrious Order. All of our members will be philanthropists as votes will be held on items such as the charities we would like to donate to and the percent that we should donate. This will also be the location of our clubhouse(under construction preview page up already). This is where our members can meet up to play games, discuss their own projects/businesses, or search for hidden rooms. Prize $$$ will be awarded for the 1st to show proof of entry to each secret area. There will be $50,000 in random ETH/NFT airdrops at different points during the mint. Upon selling out, our artist will be paid to start the 1st wave of free NFTs for those who stakes theirs or listed above a certain price. Stalkers can look forward to our $Power Coin and being paid for our use of the likeness of their NFT IN ADDS/merch/etc if they so choose. Remember… We are always watching.

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