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Welcome to I Died But I Survived.

The name speaks for itself on June 15th 2022 I took 80 pills to end my life as I thought in that moment I had nothing to live for , but immediately after doing it I realized it was wrong and headed to my Jeep to get to the emergency room . I was at a hotel I forgot my phone inside and passed out in my Jeep for over (7) Seven hours . Had it not been for 2 determined loved ones calling that phone looking for me. I would not be here, I spent one week at ICU then one week on Psych. So I was literally dead but I Survived . I welcome everyone so together we can help those suffering from depression , bullying and other Mental health issues who may think that they are alone like I thought , but you are not. There are resources out there to help you to help us reach out. There are some links on this site that tell you where you can get help, speak to someone. , reach out to someone , get help don’t do like I did . Mental Health Matters . Together from this mi t and this project we can help a lot of persons who may be I’m a dark place as I was now and continuing in the future. Remember again. Mental Health Matters 

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