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Fort Leia Overview.
The war on decentralization is upon us: the year is 2218 and we are still fighting the war on decentralization. The rebels are fighting against big corporations who took arms against the Bored Ape yacht club, sparking the revolution in 2103.

The war has led the innocent to flee to other planets while the rebels fought the war on Earth. At Fort Leia we are here to protect the coast of Decen in the country of Malian. Decen is the largest rebel outpost left on earth. We must protect our network servers located in this outpost at all costs if we want to win this war.

One of our biggest threats are corporate spies who disguise themselves as NFTs from other projects. It’s your job to find and eliminate these spies. We have located the presence of spies on three battlefronts where you can enlist yourself to join the hunt.

Once the spy is eliminated, you gain ownership of the body and you can deal with it however you wish, maybe sell it for some extra cash perhaps. Welcome to the fight!

Three unique NFT sets are ready for your collection: ​the Fort Leia NFT collection contains three unique sets of Fort Leia characters: orlandos, metabots, and galaxies. Each Fort Leia set consists of 2,345 unique cards with built-in value for our own virtual world. Hunt for spies in our play-to-earn games and win crypto rewards. No Fort Leia NFT is the same, collect powerful cards to win the most rewards.

We’ll see you on the battlefield.

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