Event Description

The Cryptoculture NFT is the ticket to the Freebeing series NFT.Collectors who purchase the Cryptoculture NFT are equivalent to buying a ticket, and then they can get the Freebeing NFT and QRcode nft for free, and get any sustainable income from ArtistDAO.
The Cryptoculture NFT is composed of 36,000 artistic images that are composed of 4,528 of the collected 22,023 crypto project logos as the body and combined with 96 other features for a total of 4,624 unique features .
The Freebeing series of NFT is an art NFT jointly launched by Reddit and Artists DAO, representing anti-work and lay down culture.
The Cryptoculture NFT is based on the road of encryption culture from the birth of BTC 13 years to the present. Either the Cryptoculture NFT or the Freebeing series NFT, that is an art of rebelling and seeking the depths of human nature and advocating freedom NFT.

Total Supply