Event Description

Crypto Bulls come from Satoshi, an advanced civilization planet where cryptocurrencies are the only available way of payment and web2 applications have disappeared for long. On Satoshi, every program is interconnected through the blockchain network, and Crypto Bulls managed to use the power of the metaverse to create a peaceful world where bulls and machines live in harmony, devoting all their energy to constantly improving this sacred connection.

We are a team of new generation entrepreneurs and comics lovers with a long experience in trading (+20 years in total) and digital art (+10 years). We are looking to develop innovative project solutions for the crypto communities. We are one big family working on this project where brothers, cousins, and friends combined their design, developing, and programming skills to give birth to an outstanding collection of 10,000 bulls providing access to a strong collective with entrepreneurial values, where co-creation is the key to success. The Crypto Bulls NFT Club is set to harness the power of its community, by treating each member as a founder, not as a simple participant.


 Treasury Fund and DAO community

 Staking Platform

 Crypto-arbitrage activity for the DAO

 Play to Earn (collections)

 NFT Physical customization

 Crypto Bulls Farm to burn NFTs and ensure price stability

 Trading and Web3 Programming Institute (Physical and online)


Total Supply