Event Description

Welcome to Crypto Buddies, a collection of 5555 awesome and unique buddies built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Crypto Buddy has its own personality and is built up using over 150 visible and hidden traits.

Crypto Buddies aren’t just a piece of awesome artwork but a companion with tons of utility and earning potential. Aside form being the centre of our upcoming P2E crypto game, they will also double up as your VIB (very important buddy) membership. 

VIB memberships features: 

Buddy share – We will be distributing 20% of our monthly secondary sales royalties to our Buddy holders.

Exclusive airdrops – We have lots of things in the pipeline and as a buddy holder, you will receive exclusive airdrops of NFTs and Tokens.

Early access – you’ll be able to trial our P2E game before it is released to the public and share your views to a team that listens.

 Full rights – Want to turn your buddy into a clothing brand, tv show or even physical prints? You have full commercial rights over the Buddy you own, and you are free to monetize it as you wish.

Total Supply