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The Creative Rebels NFT Collection from Kochstrasse.agency 

But mind you: the CREATIVE REBELS is more than just a collection of programmatically, randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. Our first series consists of 9595 randomly assembled rebels – each gender neutral rebel stands for creativity, freedom, equality, and design excellence. 

Our pledge: As a well-established agency it is our duty to take care of the upcoming creative generation, promoting next level talent and supporting the universities where they are formed. With that in mind, Kochstrasse pledges to support and finance TWO Design students with asylum status in Lower Saxony. We commit to setting these students up with a college fund (including rent, hardware, tuitions, allowance, etc.), so that they can better focus on their education until the end of their 3-year Bachelor is successfully reached. Take a look at our Roadmap.

About Kochstrasse: We are a Germany-based, neuro-strategic, creative agency for brands that lives and breathes creativity since 1995 in beautiful Hannover, driven everyday by the power of the creative rebel. Always on a mission to find that one little angle, that one unexpected way to catch eyeballs. Our team consists of the coolest 70+ creative minds in (and out of) town, all put together to create change for a plethora of national and internationally based clients. Kochstrasse’s main mission is to think and work creatively, always helping people along the way. Have you perhaps stumbled upon our unique, viral, awarded GIFs on GIPHY or Instagram? Just search for @kochstrasse and meet the simplest-yet-coolest social branded content you’ll ever find.

MINTING starts: Sep 12th 2022 – 6 pm CEST

Warm Re(bel)gards from Germany!

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