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Long time forward on a planet far away, There was a seaside town where creatures lived. It is on “OVERLAPPED VERSE”. We see them anytime. We are going to start minting our first NFT collection on July 11. Just started the 2000x WL raffle registration on PREMINT. https://www.premint.xyz/candyconytown/ @candyconytown http://candyconytown.xyz/ 5,021ed. WL = FREE MINT PUBLIC = 0.01eth mrc @mrcvgl, who is the artist for this project, had worked in the contemporary art industry under Takashi Murakami for 10 years. With years of experience, mrc is very particular with his choice of happy colors, beautiful composition and unique character variations. Since we have the story as the foundation, after we release the NFTs, not only do we have pfps, but will also lead to different avenues of medium such as animations, metaverse town and music. Please check our website for more information, and let’s chat on our Discord‚ú®

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