Event Description

Agents created in a mysterious Laboratory. Launching into the unknown

Your Agent is an extension of you. It’s an expression of you . This – is your identity – and it’s yours alone. There is no other like it.

This is not just a PFP. Your Agent is how the world will know you and see you. More importantly – it’s a reflection of you, to you.

You are your Agent.

And your Agent… is you.

A gamified, collaborate and community-centric staking mechanism that is not just about rewards – but, something bigger.

It’s about taking a journey of discovering islands. And through journey, you’ll build partnerships, unlock governance roles, take part in collaborative quests and more!

Artificial Intelligence Club mint will start at once, for all. We’ll have a public sale and an allowlist sale running simultaneously within the same dapp.

6 000 tokens will go up on sale at once where public and allowlist mint at their respective prices.

And that is it. There aren’t different times/dates at which various sales start. There aren’t different quotas for each category to remember. None of that. All you need to know is when the sale starts, and that is about it.

And yes – as soon as you connect your wallet to our website, our dapp will know what pricing to give you. If you’re an allowlist holder, you’ll be shown the respective price.

And this, is your calling.

Total Supply