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4444 AIKID NFT’s with tons of utility. Web 3.0 game, AIKD ERC-20 tokens, donating to New Economics for Women 

AIKid NFT Collection: Web 3.0 AI Kid game, AIKD ERC-20 tokens, donations to New Economic for Women and teaching financial literacy for children

AIKid NFT is an exclusive collection that values its holders above anything else. We are a community where members have the right to know the process they are involved in. Transparency is a vital principle for us, so we will always let our community members know about our donations. We will inform our members of our progress thus far and our future plans both during the sales and after they have sold out.

We want a better future for us all, as well as our community. So we will start our donations to New Economics for Women once 50% of the collection has been sold.

250 lucky holders will receive AIKD tokens [$AIKT] once the collection is sold out, and Web3 Game development will then begin. We’ll create a game to teach kids financial literacy in addition to our Web3 game.

We intend to stay for the long haul. We have already begun planning and conducting research for the second collection of AIWorld.

AIKid For a Better Future

We are eager to help people in need and we found that the best way to support charity organizations is to come up with a way where funders can profit while they are helping others. Therefore smart investment options are a great way to raise funds for charity. AIKid was created to make this possible.

We want to create a platform where holders can have fun, enjoy the warmth of a friendly community, and profit from additional benefits along with the investment value of the NFTs. With this accomplished, we will use our profits to help the future of children and women through charity organizations such as New Economics for Women and funding children with financial literacy programs. As transparency is our core value, all donations’ proof will be shared with our community.

What will the Holders get?

Our income will be split into donations, holder benefits, a community token pool, and ensuring the future of the project. So what benefits will the holders get?

Firstly, we are going to run a long-term game in Web3 and in real-life. We will develop Web3 games and launch the following collections, and to enlarge our brand we will open our merch store to offer exclusively designed pieces.

We are going to give our community their value back by distributing AIKid tokens accumulated in the community token pool, which consists of 10% of the revenues generated from the sales. Our holders will be able to enter our innovation and technology contests where they can share their innovative ideas and creative technological advice and earn tokens which can later be converted into Ethereum. In addition to that, we will distribute a separate pool of AIKid tokens to 100 lucky holders.

In order to aid children in learning financial literacy, we will also start developing a web 3.0 game for them. We’ll also start working on the AIKid Web3 game, and everyone in the neighborhood will have access to it.

Also, whitelisted members will have a chance to double your NFTs so don’t forget to follow AIKid on Discord, Twitter, and Instagram to catch up with the latest news.

The way we reach our goals

As we want to be continuing our journey in the Metaverse, we decided that 10% of our income will go directly to charity while the other 90% will be spent to holders while leaving some to ensure the projects’ future and development of AIKid Web3 Game. These donations will start when 50% of the collection is sold, so we can start actualizing our plans with a strong foundation.

When the AIKid collection is sold out we will start working on our Web3 game and the benefits and profits tied to the game and AIWorld will be accessible through indicated platforms.

With a strong foundation and a friendly community, we are sure we can accomplish our goals while being beneficial to everyone that joins our journey.

August 31st Whitelist At 11 pm UTC, 4 PM PST September 1 is general


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