Event Description

Not your usual kids on the block. There is something-off about the kids in the neighborhood. All we know is that there are 3,333 of them, and they are up to no good. Oh and they no necks, but like we don’t talk about that. Roadmap $5000 giveaway Mint 3 nft’s and you will be automatically entered to win $5,000. The winner will be announced right after we sell out our 3,333 neighbors! No need to wait around These neighbors like to party! Real life events, around the world. Maybe in your neighborhood? And maybe we also crash a couple of events here and there. Neckless drip You cannot be one of us unless you dress like us. Thats why we are going to release the dopest drip out there. We might not have necks but we have an insame sense of fashion. Taking it back to the hood We want to give back to the streets! We want to help the young huslers get their dough! We will be investing back into the community. Hustlers unite! Info Total neighbors : 3,333 Blockchain : solana Mint price : tba Launchpad : magic eden Mp’s : me & os

Total Supply