DraftKings NFT: Reignmakers Football Week 3 Web3 Deadfellaz # 3204 Promo - DraftKings Nation

DraftKings NFT: Reignmakers Football Week 3 Web3 Deadfellaz # 3204 Promo – DraftKings Nation

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Deadfellaz is a collection of 10,000 “undead” personality NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

Shortly after reviving in August 2021, Deadfellaz turned into one of one of the most prominent NFT tasks in Web3. The task rapidly developed links with various other leading collections, like Cool Cats, and also expanded its reach through a growing area, passionately nicknamed “The Horde.”

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Learn even more regarding the task as well as its surge to success listed below.

As the initial Deadfellaz NFTs acquired appeal throughout the loss of 2021, the task introduced a development of its ecological community with a buddy collection, Deadfrenz.

In February 2022, 13,000 Deadfrenz NFTs were produced on the Ethereum blockchain, broadening the Deadfellaz environment and also developing a brand-new, fresh collection of IP thanks to task creator and also musician, Betty.

Though the brand name is best understood to energetic Web3 market individuals, a current Wranglers collaboration statement guarantees that quickly much more will certainly understand about Deadfellaz as well as “The Horde.”

The existing Deadfellaz flooring cost is 0.75 ETH.

Check out the OpenSea Deadfellaz li stings web page for much more.

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For each of the CORE, RARE, ELITE, as well as LEGENDARY Week 3 Web 3 competitions, DraftKings plans to buy 3 (3) NFTs from the NFT job of the leading reward of the competition w