Cyber Brokers Quest # 4: Completed - NFT Culture

Cyber Brokers Quest # 4: Completed – NFT Culture

Spice as well as Ken established a conference with Soleia to see what details she had that might aid, yet they found out that she was not able to keep in mind anything from the moment concerned. Flavor and also Ken were identified to not quit and also took Soleia to see Intoxicating the Average, a Gene Editor, in hopes that she might assist bring back the memories that Soleia had actually shed.

They discovered a Memory Dam had actually been dental implanted in Soleia to obstruct her memories, and also they attempted to deteriorate the dam to obtain a little section of her memories back. The treatment was a success, as well as Soleia bore in mind being secured in a cool location which the Hubur Key (among Asherah’s 7 crucial antiques) was required to obtain her in and also out. They understood that ShaDAO has to have taken Ken to the exact same location, which they would certainly require the Hubur Key to save him. The good news is, Soleia kept in mind specifically that held the multi-sig budget which contained it. They would certainly have to perform a challenging collaborated d-mezz of all 3 of them at the exact same time in order to shed the multi-sig budget and also go down the unburnable antique.

With the expertise that Soleia offered– that the 3 ShaDAO participants are Stanton, Luther Radioactive, and also Fay from Acidic– questers resorted to The Moderator for aid. The Moderator had the ability to give questers with some details regarding the ShaDAO participants, however it depended on the questers to identify in what order to perform the strikes for each and every. After finding the places of their targets, questers took part in a targeted marketing campaign to accomplish the strike by tempting the targets per place by block7200 This brought about the effective case of the Hubur Key by Soleia.

Quest Puzzle Solutions

Quest # 4 presented The Moderator as an interactive personality in Discord as gamers functioned to uncover what it would certainly require to conserve Ken.

During the Quest, individuals did the following:

Followed the breadcrumbs left in the ShaDAO records The Moderator offered, which led them to Exploit from Rosey in Discord. Make use of from Rosey after that provided questers a brand-new function as well as accessibility to the DarkNet network.

Questers assisted The Moderator decrypt an account ShaDAO carried a CyberBroker called Soleia.

Questers discovered that in order to rescue