Circa 1960, NFT, The First Culturally Driven Premium NFT Collection Launched - EIN News

Circa 1960, NFT, The First Culturally Driven Premium NFT Collection Launched – EIN News

Journey back in time with the new digital time capsules for the modern NFT age.

VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2023 / — Klaros Inc., a historical photographic images company founded in August 2011, is getting into the NFT space with the unveiling of the Circa 1960 NFT project. The founder of Klaros Inc., and the visionary behind the unique NFT, Michelle Wilson says, “this much-awaited launch, Circa 1960 NFT, is set to infuse love, unity, and healing into the world.” This first-of-its-kind collection of rare black-and-white photographs captures what other digitally generated artwork cannot. It re-imagined authentic photographic images from our culture’s most significant historical moments in the 1960s, frozen in time and delivered directly to the users.

The NFT collection is important now more than ever as it is being released on the heels of protests over the beating death of Tyre Nichols by Memphis police officers. “It was heartbreaking to see Tyre’s fourth amendment rights being violated. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and to all families who have lost a loved one. Unfortunately, this won’t be the last incident which is why we must quickly pass a federal policing law to protect all citizens,” says Michelle Wilson.

Why should people buy Circa 1960 NFT’s now?
Circa 1960 NFT is an artistic movement that is a slice of history, encouraging cultural unity in modern times that everyone should invest in. When you invest in Circa 1960 NFT images you are promoting unity and healing worldwide. The minting of the new NFTs will start by February 10th, with a 10,000k, 100 traits collection of the main image which shows a White boy pushing his Black friend up the sidewalk in his red wagon in a 1960’s Detroit urban neighborhood. Michelle Wilson described the significance of the boys in the central image: “This picture represents A vision of equality and a powerful symbol, shouting a clarion call for racial healing, harmony, and freedom for all humanity. Join us in this movement as we break the chains of injustice and strive for a more just society.” To learn more, visit

During phase 1, more relevant and strikingly stunning historical images revealing the 1967 Detroit Rebellion, protests over Jim Crow, Job Equality, and other Detroit historical 1960 society lifestyles are being prepared and will be added within 3 weeks.

Over the next 50-100 years the NFT Circa 1960 endless collection will add meticulously curated images of hundreds of thousands of never-before-seen photos from the 1960s and beyond. The photographs that wil