Bondee Has Plans For NFT Integration After You've All Downloaded It - GamerBraves

Bondee Has Plans For NFT Integration After You’ve All Downloaded It – GamerBraves

Overnight trending fashion app Bondee has plans for NFT integration, according to its own privacy policy.

Bondee NFT

While the Singapore-based app has seen popularity for its ability to customize avatars and show them off to friends, the usual red flags of an NFT game are all there- particularly on its acting like it’s the first app to let you virtually communicate with your friends.

One skeptical user, Burhan, dug through the app’s Privacy Policy and found what anyone following NFT games had suspected all along- the app’s plans to retrofit NFTs at an unspecified date.

The document makes repeated mention of trading your NFTs with your friends, like this one with regards to Data Collection:

You can create a blockchain-based wallet on the public blockchain within the Platform, purchase B-Beans by using fiat currency; and then use such B-Beans to purchase NFT products publicly available on the Platform for yourself or your friend. Your NFT products will be stored in your blockchain-based wallet by using the blockchain technology. We will collect data generated during the aforementioned purchases, including w