Blue Collar Pass Available For Hard Workers To Get Discounted NFTs - Cointelegraph

Blue Collar Pass Available For Hard Workers To Get Discounted NFTs – Cointelegraph

Ready to join the ranks of the hustlers and overachievers?

In a tribute to the real heroes of society, The Avila Brothers, Billy Ray Cyrus and Snoop Dogg are excited to announce the sale of the A Hard Working Man – Blue Collar Pass. In an exclusive release, the collection is giving back to the hardworking members of the world and recognizing the overachieving grinders who put in the long hours to get the job done by providing a pre-sale opportunity to get discounted AHWM NFTs.

As an exclusive presale, hustlers and overachievers are invited to secure their very own participation token by purchasing a Blue Collar Pass for the A Hard Working Man (AHWM) NFT collection. By owning one of these limited-time passes, holders will be automatically allowlisted for future AHWM and Animal Concerts NFT collections, receive exclusive access to the private Blue Collar Pass Discord channel and many other members-only perks.

More importantly, the Blue Collar Pass will serve as proof of purchase so when the A Hard Working Man NFT collection goes live, the wallet that’s holding the pass will receive a free, airdropped NFT from the AHWM collection. There are two separate editions for the presale passes that pair with the respective AHWM NFT editions: Blue Collar Pass – Hustler Edition and Blue Collar Pass – Overachiever Edition. Because the passes are priced below the mint price of the actual NFTs, it locks in a discount for the pass holder.

These limited-time Blue Collar Passes are only available for purchase January 25 – February 10, 2023, so be sure to pick one up because once time is up or supply runs out, they will be gone for good. For more information, visit the AHWM Discord channel today.

Ain’t nothing but business from 9–5

Many would argue the real heroes of our society are the hardworking individuals who keep the world running. From electricians and farmers to mechanics and nurses, these are the people who dedicate their lives to making a difference. They are the ones who wear hard hats and put in long hours, and who work with their hands in ways that most people can’t. They may not