Bd Multimedia: OLYMPUS GAME - Limited Sale Of NFT And Also Launch Of Its Market -

Bd Multimedia: OLYMPUS GAME – Limited Sale Of NFT And Also Launch Of Its Market –

BD MULTIMEDIA offers the current information of its subsidiary Olympus Game advertisement:

  • the minimal sale of the NFT collection “ATLAS Legendary”,

  • the launch of the main Olympus Game industry.

As a suggestion, the preliminary of the ICO upright May 30, 2022 as well as the firm offered greater than 300,000 USD of $Olymp symbols. In spite of the existing stormy supply as well as crypto market setting, the preliminary of the ICO was an actual success. It brought in thousands of financiers as well as countless followers. NFT’s previous sale happened in late September 2022.

OLYMPUS GAME remains to draw in and also persuade an increasing number of financiers by honestly sharing its strategies as well as adhering to them.

Olympus Game is a “play to gain” video game based upon a 3D tower thrill gameplay. The tale occurs throughout Greek folklore. The video game incorporates blockchain and also NFT innovations. Olympus Game will certainly be offered on Binance’s BNB blockchain as well as will certainly be usable on mobile as well as desktop computer.

For the gamer, the objective is to damage the challenger’s columns as well as holy place while safeguarding their side. The gamer can accumulate and also update his NFT cards to market them (inner market area) or make them offered in the “scholarship” system (NFT card rental exchange for various other gamers to make use of).

Olympus Game’s objective is to use the initial absolutely enjoyable and also testing “play to gain” video game on the marketplace that permits gamers to gain day-to-day benefits.


This collection is restricted to 350 NFT boxes. The sale will certainly open up on November 12, 2022 at 14: 00 CET.

The NFT boxes are offered on the specialized internet site

These NFT are offered in minimal amounts, at an eye-catching cost as well as will certainly provide a solid benefit to its buyer over various other gamers once the video game is launched. Right here are the advantages for the purchaser of the NFT boxes throughout this sale:

  • Get an effective video game personality prior to any person,

  • Train the personalities in the Olympus Mini-Game internet application currently readily available,

  • Use more powerful and also currently updated personalities in the video game, which will certainly be launched in late 2022,

  • Sell the NFTs on the NFT industry.

The “Atlas Legendary” Box advantages:

  • 1 hero ensured in each box: Chiron, Minotaur or Atlas,

  • opportunity to obtain the personality in among the 3 rarities: Common, Gold, Diamond,

  • 60% possibility to obtain in between 800 as well as 3200 $OLYMP,

  • 25% opportunity to obtain 1 transformative rock,

  • 100% opportunity to obtain in between 40 as well as 200 transformative powder.

For Olympus Game, the method of the NFT box sales, past the turn over gotten via the sale, is to comprise a solid area of gamers as well as fanatics around these collections as well as the video game.

Indeed, an acquisition throughout these sales enables the new purchaser to get at inexpensive an NFT of terrific worth in the video game. The worth of the NFT relies on the rarity of the personality as well as its toughness in the video game.

Once you possess your NFTs, you can either market them at a greater rate because of their rarity