Auction Excitement Begins For TOGG's 100th Anniversary Special Series NFT Collection - RaillyNews

Auction Excitement Begins For TOGG’s 100th Anniversary Special Series NFT Collection – RaillyNews

Auction Excitement Begins for TOGG Year Special Series NFT Collection
Auction Excitement Begins for TOGG’s 100th Anniversary Special Series NFT Collection

Setting out “for more than a car”, Togg is the “100th Anniversary” specially produced for the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Year Special Series” is preparing to introduce the NFT collection to the users by auction method.

The bidding process for 2023 NFTs, which Togg has started to promote innovatively on the digital experience platform Trumore, will begin on February 5 and will last until February 15. Users who download the Trumore application available on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery and create Tru.ID will be able to bid for only one NFT through the “NFT Purchase Platform”, which will be located in the same area with their Avax digital assets transferred to their digital asset wallets. If the highest bid is placed on the NFT of interest during the auction, the right to pre-order will belong to the bidder. Thanks to the ‘buy now’ option in the application, users will be able to have the NFT they are interested in without waiting for the auction period to end. Users who purchase NFT, “100. Year Special Series” will also gain the right to pre-order Togg Smart Devices and determine the order of delivery.

Those who purchase NFT via auction will also have the right to pre-order the Smart Device on which this number is processed. For example, a user who bought NFT numbered 1923; Pre-order for the special series Togg Smart Device, which is embroidered on the front decorative panel, smart device key and trunk lid, will be the owner of the smart device with the relevant number from this special series, which will be delivered on priority. The seats of these smart devices are also different from mass production. Year Special Series” emblem will be produced embroidered.

Users will be able to determine their order right and order by choosing among NFTs consisting of many symbolic numbers, from city plate numbers to the establishment date of