Andres Patricio Electronically Records Memories As Well As Flow Of Time With ... - Designboom

Andres Patricio Electronically Records Memories As Well As Flow Of Time With … – Designboom

andres patricio looks into the world of nfts

Andres Patricio leaps in between physical as well as electronic worlds, and also the past and also existing with his NFT collection Bricklayers. Checking out the method of Photogrammetry, the recurring collection converts very early memories of human experiences right into interactive 3D scenes portraying the flow of time throughout a specific area.

Taking over a thousand pictures of a progressing area imitated his granny’s ever-changing residence, he produces a provide of each model, with various spatial designs, furnishings items, and also memories, prior to it alters once again. Several of the scenes just envelop a genuine minute such as relocating right into a brand-new house, whereas others develop an unreasonable and also severe scene to catch a hidden sensation or state of mind.

andres patricio digitally captures memories and passage of time with 3D NFT series
all photos by Andres Patricio

enveloping memories, time, as well as feelings in 3D

Bricklayer’s 3D makings reinterpret persistent memories of Andres Patricio’s childhood years. The musician as well as furnishings developer lovingly assesses seeing his grannies house as a kid, where upon each see he would certainly discover she had actually entirely transformed the whole living-room personality. ‘ Vacation after getaway, winter months or summertime, this area would certainly occur once more to me. Exact same space, exact same furnishings, as well as very same items as constantly, however whatever various,’ he remembers.

Inspired by that ever-changing area, Patricio triggered to record these ephemeral memories of everyday living in the electronic type. While several of the NFT collection’s models convert the psychological state of mind of a minute, others recreate spatial kinds. ‘ Christmas variations valued the room for mingling as well as collecting o