301 Podcast Launches New Podcast With NFT Charity Objective - Digital Journal

301 Podcast Launches New Podcast With NFT Charity Objective – Digital Journal

After two successful seasons, 301 Podcast is back with an updated NFT infrastructure that gives all its proceeds to charity.

301 Studios is pleased to announce the third season of its popular 301 Podcast. The Podcast Agency shares that the new season is an NFT podcast for a good cause that everyone needs to hear. 301 Podcast has successfully carried two seasons featuring up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists, and creators and is now breaking into the growing NFT space. The new podcast will feature an NFT program for all its episodes.

According to the podcast host and founder of 301 Studios, Marcus Engel, growth is a natural part of life, which is why the podcast is evolving into a new era. Its initial mission, to help people find their passion and motivation, still stands, but the podcast will now explore the NFT world that is charting the future. The podcast will continue to share interview content from the most inspiring and talented guests from different walks of life.

“After more than 10,000 downloads, we are entering a new era and further making our way to the Top 10 self-improvement podcasts.”

As NFTs lead the way forward, community is at the center of everything. The launch of an NFT infrastructure to build a community and donate to charity is made possible by Engel’s work over the last two years, where he has built a real community around the podcast network. He came across Uncut.fm, a platform that is helping creators launch and create token-based communities. Through this platform, creating an infrastructure of access and benefits in the form of NFTs is made easy.

“It is difficult to stand out in the content jungle and build real communities that really engage with each other with lively conversations and discussions,” says Engel.

301 Podcast was founded to help peop